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Beneath is a list of other websites referenced in mine or containing related material. Obviously, I don't necessarily
agree with everything in all of them!
Kingdom Ministries
Garry Sigler's website containing material by several writers including himself, and links to further
Bible Chronology
a website based on the works of Arthur Ware and Frank Paine, offering a comprehensive program
for chronological calculations.
Miracle of Time A book on Bible chronology by Frank Paine.
The Feast of Tabernacles A book by George Warnock.
Number in Scripture A book by Ethelbert Bullinger.
Studies on the nature and duration of future punishment and other subjects:
The Larger Hope
a 290 page book containing a full and detailed study of many aspects of Universal Reconciliation by
Tony Johnson.
Tentmaker website Gary Amirault's own writings and links to further websites on the subject.
Hope Beyond Hell Gerry Beauchemin's website with links to his book on Universal Reconciliation and other resources.
Rodger Tutt's website Quotes from many sources on many aspects of Universal Reconciliation.
Arthur Eedle's website
Arthur Eedle has written extensively on Universal Reconciliation and Pre-Existence, as well as many
other subjects.
Dutch friends please visit Cornelius Noordzij's website, for similar material, including translations of some of my articles.